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Visual Merchandising Serivces

Clair Stuart-Menteth

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

I studied visual merchandising at the British Display Society in Bristol following which my first employment was with Harrods of London. I was fortunate to work with the very best visual merchandising managers. I developed my skills in displaying different types of products, such as homeware, gift and fashion items, and of course managing the front windows on Brompton Road.

After Harrods, in 2004, I moved to the Middle East and worked for different types of retailers within the visual merchandising profession in Dubai, Kuwait and Qatar.

Sticky Red was established in 2009 with a vision to provide a professional visual merchandising service to independent and corporate retailers. I believed there was a gap in the market for retailers who did not require a full time visual merchandising staff member or department.

Since we entered the marketplace, we have worked with many kinds of businesses. No project has been a repeat. Each brief is unique and keeps us on our toes!

As we are a small company we have the advantage of being able to react to the market and client's demands very quickly. This allows us to cater for the retailer's requirements whether it's a short-term project or an annual contract and stay within the time frame and budget.

Since I qualified as a visual merchandiser, many things have changed within the visual merchandising industry in terms of materials and styling trends. What has not changed are the basic rules of displaying regardless of which sector we are working with.

In my opinion, retail shopping habits will, in the next fifteen to twenty years time, move mostly online. Bricks and mortar shopping will be a luxury for the few who can afford the time. Online shopping platforms will become smarter. The content will need to be precise with clear item descriptions, good quality photographs and useful information. Smart phone technology will advance bringing with it the possibly of new approaches in marketing techniques such as 3D holographic projection. It's only a matter of time.

It's a real art form to make shops shoppable and the answer lies with your customers, suppliers and shop floor staff. They all hold a piece of the jigsaw puzzle to the winning formula.

Clair Stuart-Menteth, Founder Sticky Red